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Du offers the consumer service and buisness services along with du device plan">

Consumer Services

Asas International Marketing is operating as a service provider to Du. We are an authorized Du channel partner and have been quite successful in penetrating this competitive market & giving customers to Du more than expected.

Asas International Marketing is a Business Solution Company and a Channel Partner of DU, One of the UAE'S driving telecom bunches in developing Telecommunication Business Sectors. We are represented considerable authority in the marketing and sales management, by accomplishing additional mile in our Business Solutions. We give a wide scope of administration to partners and people. We also offer new business openings with remunerating benefits. ASAS has been focused on delivering the UAE regions with most complex telecommunication smart grid infrastructure and marketing service projects. The company has been established as a sales and marketing consultancy offering international startups and emerges a foothold in UAE. We produce and actualize exceptional arrangement and work stream to be an essential aspect of the ICT creating market. The most significant of our business is the customer. ASAS provide Various, Relevant and High Business Solutions, with Opportunities' for Cultural, Intellectual and Personal Growth(Corporate). As a Business Solution Leader, we undertake changes and respond to complex needs of served companies